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Em-prise (em-priz’) n. 1. an enterprise or adventure. 2. prowess or daring: as knights of great emprise.

Part-ner (part’ner) n.1. a person who takes part or engages in some activity in common with another or others; a) one of two or more persons engaged in the same business enterprise and sharing its profits and risks.

Founded in 1989, Emprise Partners is a merchant banking firm which initiates and executes transactions with companies in the lower middle market, with sales between $5 and $25 million. We have closed over 50 buy-side transactions, helping companies achieve their long-range business and financial goals.

As an Agent - Emprise Partners provides buy-side representation to corporations, industry-specific management teams and private equity groups. In this capacity, we function as an extension of the management team and assist in crafting and executing acquisition searches.

As a Principal - Emprise Partners is committed to a strategy of buying, building and holding for the long term. As a financial partner, we assist in the acquisition and growth of manufacturing businesses in the Great Lakes Region with proprietary products or defensible niche positions and sales between $5 and $25 million.


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