Dreison International manufactures proprietary products for the non-automotive transportation industry. Hanson & Company represented Dreison and initiated the acquisitions below:

American Actuator, LLC, a manufacturer of a patented “enclosed can” electro-hydraulic actuator that can replace a complete hydraulic system. Applications include recreational vehicle slide-outs, riding lawn mower deck lifts, all-terrain vehicles, and wheelchair-accessible conversion vans.

Hupp Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of heating and ventilating units for trucks, buses, and construction equipment; heating units for military equipment; and fractional horsepower direct current (DC) motors.

Pow-R-Quik, Ltd., a manufacturer of air and hydraulic starters used on gas transmission systems and generator sets.

“Mathew Hanson is an extremely sharp financial guy and one of the most tenacious individuals I’ve ever met. As a former business owner, he uniquely understands the financial, operating, and personnel sides of the business deal. What really separates him is that he knows what it takes to run a business.”

John Berger, President
Dreison International, Inc.