SiMETCO, Inc. was a manufacturer of silicon metal used in the production of aluminum and as a raw material in the manufacture of silicones. As financial adviser, Hanson & Company prepared an offering memorandum on the financially distressed business of SiMETCO. It then identified and solicited potential buyers, including Capital One Partners, and provided the rationale for the investment. Subsequently, Hanson & Company introduced Capital One Partners to an operator who was president of a competitor. With its combination of financial and management capabilities, the newly formed SIMCALA, Inc. acquired the business and operating assets of SiMETCO, Inc. through a plan of reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

“Hanson & Company really understood the business and investment opportunities and risks of SiMETCO. He was able to articulate the situation clearly and provide the road map for moving the business forward. As financial buyers, we were intrigued but indicated that we would not move forward without a new operator to lead the company. Mathew Hanson identified the right management from a competitor and introduced us.”

Jim Petras
Capital One Partners, LLC

“The combination of the right business opportunity, outstanding operating management, and financial acumen created a home-run investment for Capital One Partners and the management team.”

Jamie Ireland
Capital One Partners, LLC